Andrew Tate’s Forex Trading Course – Review

The internet phenomenon, Andrew Tate, used to have a bunch of courses in the Hustler’s University (which is now closed, temporarily) and among them you could find a stock trading course that also had forex information, although there wasn’t a dedicated forex course on its own.

Andrew Tate Forex experience

The TopG explained multiple times in his videos that he isn’t a trader himself, but that he did trade forex with the help of experts. In the first series of Hustler’s University videos, Andrew says that he paid competent people to tell him when to buy and sell in the forex market.

This wasn’t anything like day trading. There were no charts needed. Andrew brags that he doesn’t even know how a chart looks like and he makes more money in forex than day traders who track indicators on a screen all day. He explains that it’s not realistic to outlearn in a short timeframe his forex specialists, so he prefers to pay for their competence instead. Makes sense.

Then he goes to tell us how his team made a deal with a bank and when the bank traded Japanese Yen for 10% quick profits (based on intel), he made the same trade and gained a quick 10% as well.

This type of trading is based on fundamental analysis, some would go as far as saying it’s insider trading, but there is no such thing as insider trading in forex, only in the stock market.

The Trading Course

The trading course is not presented by Andrew himself, much like many of Hustler’s University courses, but that is a good thing, because Andrew is an entertainer and some courses need a teacher that looks more serious or at least doesn’t smoke cigar and drink alcohol during class. The teachers themselves make between $10K and $500K per month as per the disclaimer.

The trading course is mainly about stocks, but it’s great for trading in general, including forex. It has a lot of quizzes which push you to learn quicker. Some are very easy, but necessary for beginners, others are more complex but you are given plenty of chances. Here’s what you can learn in Andrew Tate’s trading course:

1. Don’t start with less than $2,000

This is a great tip for forex as well. If you start with a deposit of $100 or $200 it’s easy to blow up your account in the first week. With a small deposit you won’t see that reward so you won’t take it as seriously as if you had 2K.

2. Follow the trades of experts

This is about trading signals. I guess this strategy could include copy trading as well. Basically, when you’re a beginner, it’s good to follow someone who already knows the markets (just like Andrew Tate did). They offer option signals on the 2nd day of the course (only if you finished your quizzes) so basically it should be free money. Some trades will work others won’t but you should see a small incremental increase in your overall balance over time.

3. AMA Recordings

This was a very useful section (on discord, which is closed right now) to find answers to your questions. Some of the questions were:

  • How long to do paper trading (for newbies)?
  • Why tutorials say to choose ask price on options?
  • How to factor in Delta when hedging?
  • What are market makers and how do they impact your trading?

4. Economic Events

This section will help you with fundamental analysis, basically trading based off important events. This contains the actual schedule of important events (something similar to the calendar on Forex Factory).

5. Technical Analysis

Here you’ll learn about the actual TA (patterns and indicators) but also about the mindset and the psychology of trading.

Is the Trading Course worth it?

If you think about it, you could go on google or youtube and find a lot of free information about trading, so why even pay for this course? Indeed the information can be found, but you have to put it together piece by piece. But the real value is the community. Basically you had a discord channel where you could interact with your professor and other students, just like a real university, so it’s definitely more valuable than just some random information from the web.

This was also a very cheap course. Basically with $49 you had access to all the courses (stock trading, crypto trading, ecommerce, dropshipping, amazon fba and many more). So the course in itself wasn’t expensive. Just think about all those $997 scammy courses, which offer less value than Tate’s course.

The bottom line

If you’re a fan of Andrew Tate you’ll be more motivated to learn and feel that you’re part of something bigger. Otherwise the course is not very different from any other course in terms of information, so that’s that. At the moment Hustler’s University is closed, so you can’t have access to this course right now, but maybe in the future.

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