A Vast Welfare State with Permanent Stimulus Programs

Why would you care and what does this have to do with Forex? “Hear” me out a bit… It’s good to have a job aside from your forex hustle, especially in the beginning, but what if you can get some money without having a job, so you can trade forex without worrying about making a living at the same time. That’s where welfare and stimulus programs come in.

You can get welfare to pay the bills and you can trade with peace of mind, which is important because we don’t want to be in a situation where we rely on trading to eat. Not until you are experienced anyway, but even then you might be in an unexpected situation and cash strapped.

The best welfare offered in the US is in Alaska

But I don’t want to move to Alaska, it’s cold up there and there are more polar bears than people. I thought you might say that but let’s look at the advantages:

  • You’re a trader, you can work from anywhere and Alaska is beautiful.
  • Highest welfare per capita, stimulus packages and many smaller advantages if you want to move yourself or with your family.
  • No pollution. The air and water are clean. You have fresh healthy fish at any time.
  • No annoying noises. You can concentrate on your trading.
  • You get to move away from relationships that cost too much of your time but are easy to manage remotely (the cousin who keeps asking you to go out and then makes you pay for the drinks because he doesn’t have a job; the brother in law who keeps dragging you to bowling only to brag all night and humiliate you at the game).
  • It’s a smarter way to reorganize your life and focus on building the best trading system you possibly can.